The customer acknowledges that this agreement embodies the whole agreement between them and supersedes any oral or written negotiations.
Any installations date approximate, determined by the operator allowing for weather, work load etc
The operator reserves the right to cancel work, then refund deposit due to unforeseen circumstances.
The operator shall not be obliged to perform any EXTRA works, then specified within the agreement. Any extra works required, shall be charged accordingly.
The customer agrees to pay all debt collection expenses, (if any) including a 24% pa interest fee.
If power or water is not available on site, a hire or access fee shall apply.
Progress payment may be charged for works over $3000.
Any agreement amendments or guarantee claims will only be acknowledged if received in writing, within 7 days of initial event occurring.
Payment must be cleared on completion
We may hire or engage sub-contractors to ensure job completion
You agree that you have sufficient funding/credit available on your credit card as a payment option.


A deposit is required as advised by the operator no exceptions.
We may ask to provide your Credit Card details.
You are required to pay 100% on job completion. Failure to pay ontime will result in a penalty of 2.5% per calender month and such interest shall compund monthly.
If any account remains overdue after 30 days then 15% of the overdue shall be levied for admin fee.
By providing your credit details you authorize us to charge appropriate/any outstanding/unpaid amount from your credit card


Damage caused by natural disaster, weather, vandalism, theft, children, animals/rodents, improper use, improper maintenance, and tampering.
Areas subject to harsh chemicals & acids, fauna & flora stains are not guaranteed
Crack and Crack repairs are not guaranteed.
No warranty for bubbles from dust and molecules from air (Epoxy jobs)


Congratulations on using our services. To ensure the maximum life time from your new surfaces we recommend below:
a)       We recommend using and keeping a solvent based sealer at all time
b)       If applicable – Resealing is advised every 24 months or depending on the porosity level of concrete to maintain that new look.
c)       Household stains may be removed with solvent and broom agitation
d)      If applicable – Due to slip resistant texture, garden blowers may be better suited than brooms
e)      Keep all mats, pots, furniture, care etc off new work for at least 7 days
f)       Sub cracks are not guaranteed
g)       We recommed NOT to use high pressure washer over 2000 PSI