Why Spray on Flecks Concrete?

This is an exposed aggregate alternative without the hassle and breaking your bank. It can be applied on any concrete surface. Fix up those ugly concrete areas for the perfect decoration and renovation, adding huge value to your home at a fraction of what you’d expect to pay. Call today and speak to an expert.

How its done?

Step 1 – Preparation

Preparation is key. We pressure wash the concrete with a 3,500 PSI pressure washer.Grind to remove paint or other adhesive on the floor. Our objective is not simply to clean the concrete but to also remove any loose concrete that simple rinsing will not achieve. It is not uncommon for it to take 4-5 hours to pressure wash a 100 SQM driveway.

Step 2 – Mask Up

Before we start spraying we mask everything around it. Our masking will ensure every thing is well protected from over spray. We take your property very seriously. For us its not uncommon to take 3-5 hours to mask up some jobs.

Step 3 – Spray On

Depending on your choice of colour. Our special resurfacing cement is mixed with water and the choice of your colour oxide/tint. Once mixed its put in a hopper gun and being sprayed onto the floor. Once the first coat is dried a second is applied for textured antislip look.

Step 4 – Sealer

This is where the magic happens. We only use the highest quality commercial grade clear sealer which will last for a very long time.

Conditions of Installation:


Decorative Concrete Systems are hand crafted on site by trained applicators using a variety of techniques and artisan craftsmanship.  They are not pre-manufactured flooring systems and therefore every system installation is unique and will present its own set of installation variables. Similar in effect to natural stone products, the final outcome of these systems are designed to and may give an assortment of colors, swirls, mottling effects, blemishes, and occasional hairline cracks, natural to and desired when choosing these types of hand crafted systems. Although we will patch cracks however it will not be guaranteed. Decorative Concrete Systems create custom translucent color effects, and are not designed to, and will not hide surface discoloration, blemishes, impressions, cracks, markings or other construction variables.

Decorative Concrete Surfaces are striking in appearance and add to the artistic features of modern sculptures, floors, walls and accessories. The final installed product will use the same colors, finishes, materials, and application methods used in the approved sample provided.  Variables that occur during installation are due to each unique working environment. (I.e.:  lighting, temperature, airflow, humidity, and existing floor condition.) The end user should understand and accept the look and variables expected when choosing this type of system, and have taken the time to educate themselves on the artistic and unique impression that these systems portray. The total system design must be considered to ensure safe, long lasting, trouble free performance. It is the end users’ responsibility to determine the suitability of these systems for their particular application and their own use.

Spray On FAQs

How long will it take to apply a decorative concrete makeover?

Depending on the job.  Usually a 100sqm job would be completed in 2-3 days. This is a lot faster and cheaper than having a new one put down!!

How long will it take before we would be able to walk or use our newly finished surface?

Different surfaces and different weather make it difficult to give a definitive time. Usually, surfaces can tolerate walking within 24 hours and driving after 4 days of curing.

How long can I expect my newly coated surface to keep looking great.

We would recommend resealing between 12-24 months.

How do we keep it clean and maintain?

We advise a clean and seal every 2 years to ensure the application is preserved from UV damage.

  • Do not apply solvent based cleaning products to the surface.
  • Use water based products only.
  • Do not apply acid or chemical products to the surface.
  • Do not drag heavy furniture across the surface.

We live 30-40 Kms out of Melbourne CBD , do you come and service that far?

Yes we can, once we finalize the service and you need.

What happens with the cracks ?

We cannot control and not responsible for sub grade shifting, cracking or defects which may occur during heat and thaw or any other ground movements.  Although we will patch cracks however it will not be guaranteed.

What qualifications do you have? Are you registered or licensed?

In Victoria there are no requirements for concreters to be registered; in fact, there is no government body to register with.

I am not sure what I want, can you help me?

Absolutely. We offer free advice over the phone, or we can offer you a comprehensive design and consultation service.

Can it go over exposed aggregate?

Yes – a slurry is applied over the exposed aggregate and then the required application is applied.

Can the process be applied over tiles?

Yes – tiles will need to be removed if there are movements or will need to be grinded as part of preparation prior to application.

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