Why Spray on Flecks Concrete? This is an exposed aggregate alternative without the hassle and breaking your bank. It can be applied on any concrete surface. Fix up those ugly concrete areas for the perfect decoration and renovation, adding huge value to your home at a fraction of what you’d expect to pay. Call today and speak to an expert.


Why spray on stencils?

Spray on paving is a fantastic way to make a dramatic improvement to the appearance of the concrete around your home and business. Your existing concrete areas such as the driveway, paths, patios, pool surrounds, verandahs, steps and entertainment areas are given a brand new look. Whether old or new, stencil will transform your concrete into a bold and exciting surface.


What is the basic Grind & Seal process? 

  • Remove existing coatings (for thick coatings, use a 16- or 20-grit diamond abrasive or more aggressive tool specifically for coating removal).
  • Grind with a 30- or 40-grit metal-bonded diamond.
  • Grind with an 70 or 80-grit metal-bonded diamond.
  • Grind with a 120 or 150-grit metal-bonded diamond (or finer, if desired).
  • Finish with 2 coats of polyurethane sealer.


How its done? Physically epoxy systems contain two components, resins and a hardeners. The resin component is usually light, sometimes almost clear colored and almost odour free. Hardeners are usually dark and have a characteristic ‘ammonia-like’ smell. Applications of epoxy based materials are extensive and include coatings, adhesives and composite materials like carbon fiber and glass-reinforced plastic (although polyester, vinyl ester, and other thermosetting resins are also used for glass-reinforced plastic).


Installation of Self Level Concrete Floor Leveling a floor is a real job. If you do it wrong, you end up with a bumpy floor that you cannot do anything with. If you are the project owner, it is better to ask few questions and do your due diligence prior starting a self-leveling floor project. When you have already gained some knowledge, leveling a floor is usually not that complicated to understand. It is a job that gets done a lot and rarely causes much problems.


Installation of Carpet Tiles  One of the first questions you might have is what are carpet tiles and how do I install them. Carpet tiles, also known as carpet squares come in many different colours and pattern designs. These can range from solid colours all the way to the wild prints typical of a casino floor. There are a few different installation styles you could choose from. We’ll start with the basic monolithic installation, which is just a fancy word for having all of the carpet tiles space the same direction.


Wash & Seal Process 

Professional concrete cleaning that makes a difference to the look and cleanliness of your area takes a little more than a hose and broom. Our 4500 PSI, high-powered pressure cleaning equipment will ensure that your concrete gets the proper clean that it needs. We will remove those hard oil or dirt stains and have your concrete looking brand new in no time at all.

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